Keith Richards Exile on Main Street Rolling Stones Shirt Replica

Keith Richards Exile on Main Street Special Edition Long Sleeve T-Shirt Replica

So this old man's birthday is tomorrow and it's kind a late for this little extra gift, especially since it is on pre-order for a May 14, 2010 release. But I want one of these, Keith Richards Exile on Main Street Shirt Replica from the "as worn by" section of the new release Rolling Stones Stuff to promote the re-issue with bonus tracks of the classic album "Exile on Main Street". That's the shirt and on the left is a picture of our "Keef", included on the hang tag. It costs all of $60.00 !!!!! and you'd think for that price the boys in the corporate store would add a sizing chart since the shirt only comes in M and Large. Now, today's sizes M & L are a lot bigger than back in the day when I was a boy (and would given blood to have one of these). Still, go ahead and order it for me in a Large.

They've got all sorts of stuff on offer with this recent Limited Edition Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street re-release "promotion" if you check out the Rolling Stones Official Store mini website devoted exclusively to the album. There's more "as worn by" with the Mick Jagger "86" T-shirt, the Exile "Balls in Mouth" and some other iconic rock memorabilia - and of course back in the regular stones store there's about every variation of the famous "Rolling Stones Lapping Tongue Logo" designed by Andy Warhol than you can imagine.

I can wait on the premium re-release of the Exile record since it's $500 and according to the landing page you can have it for $500 in small medium or large (hee hee).

According to the Landing page over in the Stones Exile mini-store (that doesn't have it's own domain - you can find it via the banner at the top of the regular official stones store via ) This high end, exclusive box set includes:

  • • Deluxe edition CD of “Exile on Main St.” with 10 unreleased tracks
  • • “Exile on Main St.” double LP Record
  • • 24in x 18in frameable lithograph print of famous tour poster art; features plate stamp of band signatures; packaged in archive black sleeve with foil stamp of Licks symbol - exclusive to this edition
  • • The Rolling Stones - 1972 North American Tour Book by Bob Gruen;
  • • Recreation of the vintage early-Licks “72 Tour T-Shirt worn by Mick Jagger” - exclusive to this edition
  • • STP flight crew pin - exclusive to this edition
  • • 2 replica backstage passes
  • • 8 replica ticket stub set of various concerts on the tour
  • • 3 replicas of Mick, Keith, and Charlie's 1972 STP laminate badges with custom STP lanyard
  • • A replica '72 hotel room keychain from LA's Continental Hyatt House
  • Weight: 15 pounds Dimensions: 25in W x 6in H x 19in D

The album tribute promotional release comes in an "Stones Touring Party" STP Fan Pack as well for $125.00 (you can read the contents of that on their site). This time available in Medium Large and X-Large.

Juicy stuff, whichever one you choose, but for a bigger fan than me - a bit "steep" at that premium price, sorry, boys. In either case they could have included a paperback copy of "Up and Down with the Rolling Stones" (was that the same tour, or was that 76 - a better tour anyway. I forget ???) so that current/future Rock Stars could have something to compare their vanilla photocopies too. Historically, though that tour set the standard for "touring an album" on a bigger scope than anything that had gone before. That any of the lads had survived it was testament back then that "the strolling bones" (at least 3 of the same folks) would still be rocking a good 40 years later.

The deluxe version of the CD is a bit more affordable at $22.00 and comes with a CD of bonus unreleased tracks from the "Exile" sessions. (something to make a note of if you're looking for a little stocking stuffer for Christmas for me) The album was recorded, if legend is true, in the basement of Keith Richards House (at Redlands?) correct me if I'm wrong. Surprising, though, back in those wicked times, 1971, that Keith, or his then buddy and country picking guitar mentor, Gram Parsons (RIP), could find the basement.... !

Anyway, I've written about Rolling Stones Collectible Merchandise before if you're interested. Cos I'm interested in how folks repackage stuff, see also the Bob Dylan Hofner Harmonica. I was marveling at the AC/DC / Ironman 2 Soundtrack Merchandising Merger / truckloads of in the store the other day!

So for today, just the shirt please, thanks.

And maybe a decent new album sometime this decade, and a ticket to a few shows on the next tour.

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Godspeed on your gift giving buying adventures, Cvetko Ostroznik.

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Classic 1972 Rolling Stones US Tour Documentary Footage via You Tube. "Rocks Off" from Exile on Main Street - Them was the days:

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